Laughspin reported this morning that Maria Bamford will self-release a new comedy album on November 28th.

Maria, who appeared on Comedy Night at Best Fish Taco back in September, is the latest comedian to jump on the direct-to-fan release model. Maria Bamford: The special special special! will sell for $4.99 on

Directed by Jordan Brady (I Am Comic, 2010), the new special was taped in Maria’s living room in front of a live audience consisting of the comic’s parents, two people who frequently appear in her stand up.

This is not the first time Maria has recorded an album in her home before a small audience. She released Maria Bamford’s One-Hour Homemade Christmas Stand-up Special, a special recorded on her couch in front of her two pugs, Blossom and Bert, for free two years ago. You can watch it below.